Can't login?


Can someone direct me to where I can resolve this problem?

Login failed. The password you supplied does not match your username. Please change your login settings in the Options tab and try reconnecting.

I've not been able to use the client yet due to this.


If you haven't logged in in a while it's possible someone else took your username. We recycle unused usernames in the system to save on memory. You can pick a new login by going to the Options->Login tab and clicking 'Login As'. I intend to make it so that the client will offer to log you under a different username instead of giving you that error message in the next release.

I've just hit this problem, but it stems from the latest Windows 10 patch. I was running SLSK just before rebooting, with no problem at all. As soon as I started up again, I restarted SLSK and it behaved as though I'd never logged in before.

I've tried changing the password and 'log in as different user' but both continuously come back with the same 'incorrect combination' error!

Hi the.old.ent
it looks to me like a "not readable anymore" SLSK config file which resides in your profile. Have U tried (userlogin) another username+password and try again? If that works it's the config file damaged. I'm not familiar with recycling the info of the config file as I don't have the filter for it to be human readable, but maybe Nir could provide such an info. There are some threads here about defective SLSK config; search for it.