problem with connecting

just tried to connect to soulseek a few times and received a message which says "Login failed. Reported failure reason: socket error. Please change your login settings in the Options tab and try reconnecting."

after that i tried to change to username and the password with no success, anyone have an idea what should i do? thanks

Hi Liadpaz
there are a few old and newer threads about it (incl. the solution for windows). There seems to be a application firewall running not allowed to send/receive there packets to Nir's Main server. Socket error is similar to our language/voice unable to get it out.

I don't think it is related to firewall. Even when I turn off the windows firewall I get the same connection error.

The error msg. just says that it (SLSK) could not establish to your Nir's Server (socket). There are a lot (connect problems) of reasons possible: from ISP blocks (SLSK uses a defined and easily detectable protocol), local application firewall, the windows firewall and (too intelligent) routers. Basically it boils down to mostly OS related problems instead of ISP/Router problems. Without looking into (Nir's) Serverlogs or into the router trace (what packets goes out and what comes in in return) it's hard to pinpoint. Advising a "switch to Linux/OSX" or "start wireshark and do a full network scan until you got the message" and sent it to anyone willing enough to analyze your local network is easy but for most a "catch-22". In the threads there have been a few solutions included; maybe Liadpaz has already found a way?!

I turned off firewall, I connected it directly to the internet, no router, nothing.

as mentioned liadpaz may have a different problem as you djchiwawa. Have you tried a different ISP way? UMTS helps a lot. If (only Nir can say that) the server is blocking your IP (because of double usage of one IP with two SLSK instances or whatever) or even your IP range than another ISP (just for testing) helps. Have you tried the same with another user profile? Have you tried it on another computer (SLSK is easily portable by simply copying the SLSKqt folder). Have you forwarded the right ports (when directly connected (like me and this UMTS Stick here) this doesn't apply). Enable the extensive logging and look into the diagnostic "server" log. Have you used another username/password to log into?

Really? does it happen that soulseek blocks IP if I use two instances? I surely did that, trying both NS and QT. How can we eliminate this option? I even tried different users.

NS and QT are different in Servers and therefore doesn't collide. The Block is not instant and more a flood protection as far as I understood the explanation (lots of threads ago; maybe a year or so). That's only ONE of the possibilities in a long chain. In all cases I've had an Application firewall (which could block App A but allow App B to do the same stuff; BlackICE or ZoneAlarm and and and) did the job. Your ISP is of course allowed/able.
Only Nir could reset the blocks, but as long as you didn't try to use two computers behind a router to access the same SLSK Server it hasn't had happened! Have you tried nicotine+ with the same settings and/or a different user profile (log into your computer with another user account)?

I restarted the modem and Boom! it works! thanks man!

Perfect! the Modems get's more intelligent (+tendency to hang up) every day...
Anyway solved :-)

is it possible that the sever blocks my IP all the time?

Afair the IP block is collected and then stored until Nir resets the "Black list", but you surely received a new IP when you restartet the router or switched to direct Inet connect. It's just unusual as modems do the conversion job from (DSL) analogue to digital (ethernet) conversion (Layer 0 or max 1 of the OSI) and doesn't look into the IP traffic.

bottom line I managed to connect last night and in the morning for a short time and now I can't. Honestly it is a little disapointed.

nothing work for me. maybe the problem is in soulseek?

quite impossible, else the forum 'd be full of complains. SLSK has about 100.000 Users per day + SLSK 3rd party products like nicotine+
Let's recapitulate:
a) nothing worked until you reset the modem (=new IP and maybe a more serious modem)=> ISP, OS, firewall the same state as before.
b) after some time it's blocked again=> did you disconnect manually, else it sounds like your ISP is detecting (SLSK is unencrypted so being your ISP it's easy to track everything you are sending/receiving/asking) SLSK protocol and blocks it.

I (!) would try a different ISP, by using an UMTS bridge (called tethering) with your handy if you've got one. Handy's typ. don't allow port forwarding so seak/DL is quite impossible, but the connect have to work.

now even reseting the modem/router has no affect. I n addition, when I set my phone to Hotspot and tried without the router, it still didn't work. when I turned off firewall, not working! when I connect directly to internet, no router, don't work. :(

but browsing and others works? The Win Firewall only blocks incoming packets (so only DL/Search in hampered) so they only fuzz when you want something in SLSK, but not while connecting.
When you are directly connected: does browsing work, do you get an official IP (ipconfig is your friend here or some online IP checksite if U prefer). When you are normaly connected: what does the extended log (server faction) say exactly?
Have you tried a different windows profile?