Linux (also OS X?) WM_CLASS is not set, please do.

i meant to include the output of xprop here, but the forum has been changed to remove blank lines and join all other lines, which makes a MESS of any command's output, all to save a handful of bytes. so i'll cut it short here. the typed command is between [], the command output is between <> (for the love of Bob)================== those of us who wish to change soulseek's default appearance at startup (eg: start maximized, stay always on top/bottom, use a different app icon etc.) do so through the app name, however soulseek does not set its WM_CLASS, which then takes the name of the binary. this means that at each version change we need to modify the wm's configuration to apply those startup parameters to a different window. [xprop|grep -i class] <WM_CLASS(STRING) = "SoulseekQt-2016-1-17-64bit", "SoulseekQt-2016-1-17-64bit"> right now, this can be fixed by creating a symlink between the current program name and "soulseek" (or indeed renaming the binary, however, the program was not coded to report its version on request, you have to start it to check it, so keeping the version in the filename helps): [ln SoulseekQt-2016-1-17-64bit soulseek] [xprop|grep -i class] <WM_CLASS(STRING) = "soulseek", "soulseek"> this uses that same mechanism to work for us (assign the binary's name to an app that does not set its WM_CLASS), but it would be A Good Thing(tm) not having to come up with these kludges. thank you Neil, London, UK
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