Can't restore settings after crash

Hey, hope you can help me here. After a blue screen crash I lost all my settings, lists etc in SoulseekQT. I tried to restore it by using an older soulseek-client.dat but it does nothing but ignore it and create a new one. This file shouldn't be corrupted... If it turns out to be corrupted: Is there any way to restore some of the erased soulseek-client.dat files?
Thanks a million!


Hi Dopey
have you run a "chkdsk c: /F" after the BSOD?
Currently I do not know any recovery for the dat info appart from using an editor and copy/paste the info manually into SLSK again.
With the right filter settings tools loke ps-pad or notepad++ could import the old and paste it into a new one, but only Nir knows about that.

Hey sammy,

thanks for your answer. I decided to rebuild my settings and Downloads as good as possible by hand. I didn't run chkdsk, maybe that would have helped. Good idea! Thanks for your great help in the forum Overall. Keep up the good work! :)


a chkdsk is quite necessary in any case as the table isn't able to correct itself while running.