Can't browse other users folders/listening port issue?

IP: Port: 80/tcp CLOSED. Your router and/or Soulseek client needs to be configured correctly.
You may want to check this list of port forwarding guides for instructions specific to your router model.
Don't forget that you need to restart your client if you modify your listening port.

Given that... I have set a static IP following the guide and that even didn't work. I've tried random ports and that also hasn't worked. I'm not sure what else to do, I even uninstalled and reinstalled and still the same. I also noticed that my wishlist search results are the same, the first item in the list every time.

What is the correct listening port I should use or what else can I do to resolve this issue? Sorry for being so lack of information here, all these numbers and words and tasks are way out of my realm of knowledge so I could have broken something, I don't know.

All advice is appreciated!!!

have you configured your router to forward the ports to your client? Any two ascending ports are OK, so it doesn't matter if it 20+21...or.... 1500+1501... or 65000+65001. As all routers look different in usage there's no simple screenshot instruction possible, but read the router manual, search for "port forwarding" and use your wanted config to create such rules.
Uninstall/Install does only copy the exe, create a shortcut and that's it. There is no repair/install involved!