SubMenu bug Linux

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Currently using Linux with SoulseekQt build 2016-1-17-64bit
While my problem might only be exclusive to my setup... it is really annoying.
I am using gnome 3 desktop environment with multi-monitor display and usually the second monitor is positioned to the right. When using soulseek and I right click on any user whether in rooms or user list, or transfers - the submenu appears on the desktop of the second monitor rather than the monitor which soulseek is floating or maximized. The only remedy is to mirror the displays to keep the submenu from just appearing on the second monitor but rather it appears on both monitors because they are mirrored.

Sure wish I could sort this out.
Like sync the submenu with mouse cursor location while in multi-monitor mode while unmirrored.

The submenu appears in second display whether Soulseek is maximized or just floating and happens whether second monitor is positioned Left, Right, Above or Below.

I will try this same scenario while using a different Desktop Environment soon and post back. Currently the problem is with SoulseekQt in gnome 3 DE.

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Though the problem only exists when soulseekqt is on the primary monitor does the submenu venture off into the secondary monitor. Using soulseekqt on secondary monitor, the submenu stays on the secondary monitor.

I installed cinnamon desktop environment and the results are good. The client works like expected and the submenu appears on the primary monitor where the application is running. I moved soulseekqt to secondary monitor and it works (submenu appears near the mouse cursor).

I am going to try gnome classic, gnome in wayland, and kde, then post my findings.

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After, about 2 hours of installing different desktop environments, I finally have the results of my testing.
Note 1: I started soulseekqt in primary monitor and sometimes it launched on secondary monitor. Though that is not what my testing was going to be about.
Note 2: I tried while application was floating and then while Maximized in one display at a time.

Gnome classic: no problem with submenu appearing next to mouse cursor.
Gnome on Wayland: ""
Plasma (Kde): ""

Openbox: no problem with submenu appearing next to mouse cursor.
LXDE: ""
XFCE Session: ""
Cinnamon (software rendering): ""
MATE: ""

Gnome (3): problem with submenu appearing over to secondary monitor, although the submenu does appear to the left side of the display while the secondary is positioned to the right and I am able to utilize its functions from there.
This is not too much of a problem, as I can just launch soulseekqt in primary monitor, move soulseekqt to secondary monitor and use the submenu as it appears beside the mouse cursor.