Slots bug

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Using SoulseekQt 2016.1.17 64bit Linux build.
Here is the scenario.
I have 2 of 2 slots used up.. and lets say there are 2 or more queued up for files.
Here is what happens when I open 1 additional slot; All of the queued up users start there downloads from me. What I noticed is... say the second queued is perhaps privileged and is granted a slot manually by me, but brings the rest of the queued users with them. I know it is a rare occurrence but it has increased cpu usage as more slots are used. At one time 20 slots were being used up and resource/process was running at ~15% CPU and bandwidth was only at around 500 kb/s UPLOAD.

I had to restart the client, and I guess those with the new client build resumed their transfers first and those with older clients perhaps queued up when they realized their transfer was aborted.

The reason I know one of the queued users was privileged is because I gifted them some hours before this occurrence. It happened a couple of times after that maybe with other privileged users queued up and later I granted just 1 additional slot.

Rare bug nonetheless.

Thanks for the report. I'll try to reproduce this over the weekend.