More "aborted file" on brand new install

My computer:
Win10, latest version of SoulSeekQT (2016.1.24).
I have configured both sharing folders (downloads and uploads). I've read the thread here -
I dont know what to do. First of all I have no Diagnostics tab anywhere to see my logs.
Second I was able to download.. Now everything is aborting all the time no matter what I download. So frustrating. I've restarted SoulSeekQT, checked ports, etc - all seems to be working well. Any advice?
Thank you!

as the diagnostic is quite confusing for most users it's not enabled by default, but a button in the config menu: UI-Show diagnostic. it works instantly. When the Web Port Check works and is happy UL/DL should work IF the other one is doing the same.
Files bigger 2GB (2GiB to be exact) need a Version 2016 on both sides to work.