Better looking icons (svg maybe)

I personally find the icons very old style and in very low resolution. I'm on a linux system. I am available for creating all icons, in all formats and platforms for free. See it as a small contribution from a very satisfied user :) Please contact me if you're interested.
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I agree that the icons do not look good, but I'd be pretty picky if we were to change them. I'm not sure how well Qt would support SVG for a common button, I'd have to look into it. Right now we're using PNG.

Thanks for your response,
I'm referring mostly on the tray icons.
Better PNGs (in tray) could also look much nicer.
Anyway, we're in touch...

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how about tango icons? very informative, clean and direct.

I think they're still kind of old-style. I would suggest the icons from "Clarity Icons set" they're in an easy manipulative format (svg). We can give them any color we like easily and produce png's or anything. I also think that their flat-style is much more appropriate nowadays. You can find them online, but take a quick look here (just a small sample of them)
My opinion is that they will look native in all platforms.

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i still encourage to go with tango
+it is already cross platform
+(among others) gimp has it and firefox used to — so people are familiar with it.
+has good license
+always developed, so no fear of missing icon in few years
+and simply looks neat