managing downloads

Great job with the prog!

Just a quick question re: managing downloads. How do I delete files from the download queue if I no longer wished to download it? Thanks.

Thanks! To delete downloads either use the Remove Download context menu option (right-click) or press the Delete key. Doing so for a folder or user nodes will remove all downloads under that folder or user.

Forgot to mention that I'm running on Mac. Where would the remove download context menu option be located? Also, delete key doesn't work. Thanks!

The delete key seems to work in my virtual machine. I wonder if it's a matter of it not working on a regular Mac keyboard? Not sure how to test for that. To open the download context menu, right click a download.

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Hi, in the old SoulSeek version (more exact on the Windows version), the user was enable to force the start of some queued file.
For example, I've quit slsk, then I started it, but the queues don't start, even if there is no one before me on queue. So the "force start download" option would help in this case.
So, is there any way to do that on the current SoulSeek QT version?

highlight what you want to remove
hold down control and click
you can choose the option to remove or look for the same file

That's a really useful tip. My hackintosh is hooked up to a PC keyboard and mouse so I wasn't sure what problems that would create for genuine Mac users. I'm glad to hear they can still get at the context menu.