soulseek dont open

my soulseek dont open.
show the problem APPCRASH
can you help me?

what SLSK version, what OS and who's telling you the APP crash. It's hard without my crystal ball working to see what you see ;-)

I have Windows 7 and SoulseekQt 2015-16-12
and I downloaded and installed the new version SoulseekQt-2016/01/24
But once installed, both NO opened.
I appreciate if you can help

SLSK Install is not anything to repair anything. I'd recommend to start the taskmanager (or better tools like procmon or processexplorer) and look if the SoulseekQt.exe is really quitting without any trace or just working without a window (so it looks vanished).
Never had such a problem. Have you tried starting the exe as administrator?