Can't browse user's files if libraries are over 500,000 songs

If a user has 400,000 songs, I can browse their files. I have a few friends who have been sharing around 400,000 files and I had no issues browsing their files. After adding more tracks to their libraries and exceeding 500,000 files, I can no longer browse their files. When browsing, it will just stick on Requesting file list... I have noticed this with several users. I have 32gb of RAM on a Windows 7 machine and the latest slsk client. I even set my soulseekqt.exe priority to real time in the Windows Task Manager. Does anyone else have these issues? Have you found a way around them?

this should more be a "server" problem on the one you're browsing, not your one. Have U asked the host what SLSK he's using and what version? Every file needs its indexing and therefore quite an amount of RAM. In case if insufficent RAM (very long file names, huge amount of shared files).