(SOULSEEK doesn't search properly.

If i search for something it doesn't come up in the search bar, also my wishlist doesn't work (only when it wants too)

If i search for a specific track' artisit it wont show but if i go on to someones shares they have a folder with the ARTIST,and also tracks.

Also i think there needs to be a new law, (can't download without sharing)

this will be good for all kinds of people (people who are looking for things which are no longer available expect from someone who maybe have them just not sharing them.

Anyway i believe that if i search for something it is actually there but the programm has sort of malfunctioned if you will? and wont allow the server to read peoples searches. unless its something stupidly known.

ANyway my search criteria depends only on very hard 2 find stuff (but this stuff occasionally comes on soulseek but unable to find the easy way have to literally scroll through tons of peoples stuff to actually eventaully find something, even then it wont be accurate. im not complaning im just stating an obivious fact

I LOVE SOULSEEK BUT I THINK ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE, NO DOWNLOADS unless sharing atleast 1000, files or even less it doesn't matter just as long as people are sharing

i have a few people in mind whichi would love to have banned becaus they dont share nothing but download and steal peoples ideas and tracks.

anyway thanks

hope to hear from the team!

also im wondering if anyone on here use to download of audiogalaxy? emule stuff like soulseek *drum&bass&

maybe SLSK has changed since I'm using it, but your problems seems new to me. Sure you are using the new Soulseekqt Client (some 20115 or 2016 build), as the older NS is absolete now for about 5 years and lot's of new functions stop working)? Could U give me a detailed instruction what U do and I will try it on my client just to get a picture of your complain?