soulseek downloads are sooooo slow

hi, my downloads like since 1 month ago are so slow. i never had to setup the port or do anything, it was just working fine but now is so slow. Like 5.9 speed for each track which is an eternity. do i really need to check the ports? or is something wrong with the servers?

Hi pretochines
to work properly SLSK (and in general all P2P Systems) needs the ports forwarded, else you are not able to receive. Two persons behind a closed firewall are by intention not able to see+exchange anything. I'm currently writing a detailed instruction how to and why.
In any P2P System the Server is just the middler for contact, everything else is done by yourself and the other one. That's why it's called Peer-to-Peer. Especially the search must not really working as your firewall is intended to block such attacks (as a firewall would call the answer to your search) and you don't see a thing (if the firewall is good) or just very little results (when the firewall is not doing it's job properly). You are not the only one thinking that way. Problem is the clients get more and more insulated from SLSK as direct response is not working anymore. So maybe more and more users are in the SLSK network, but are not able to "talk" to each other and so less and less get's thru.
Hee's a thread about some similar problem: