remove language settings

Hi all,

I have this rediculous problem:
For fun I changed my soulseek-language to a weird font and after that it was impossible for me to change it back because it's impossible to find out which options to choose because of the weird characters.

I have removed soulseek from my pc and reinstalled it, but it keeps remembering the weird language setting.

Does anyone know what I need to remove from my pc to be able to do a clean install ?

Hi pjotrb
of course as the settings are in the config files. The SLSK Installer and uninstaller do nothing of setting things up or delete anything apart from the executable. As the buttons always stays the same including the meaning. Just switch to the last menu (=options), go to the third tab (=UI) and then you could go to the second lowest row and choose the right hand button (=default font) close SLSKqt and restart it. Then you have starting values for the font again. If you have a second computer you could start it there and see it "the right way" there.
Cheers & dobry den :-)