Cannot upload files

Hello. I've been using Soulseek for a long time, but I noticed that many users are having troubles to download files from me.
I see a lot of files that are in "Subiendo" status (I have Spanish language) and then changes to "Abortada" in red characters. Too many users had reported me that they cannot download nothing.

I'm using version 2016.1.24, (I tried 2015.6.12 with same results) under windows xp. Must say that I can download any file without problems, so I think I have my router configuration right. My user is "adriman"

did the web Port Checker work? It looks like your ports are closed, so nobody can ask your Queue to upload.

P.S.: If you want we could arrange a filetransfer and look into the logs more deeply?

Yes, I have both ports opened, checked. Yesterday i had all day soulseek working. Received uploads requests from 6 or 7 users, half of them without problems and the others couldnt download anything (aborted).
Yes we can log filetransfer to look for the problem, what must I do?

Hi adriman
when one is able to DL all should be, as the infrastructure is working. A lot of other SLSK Users just forget that DL means an open port. We have a few threads about that need.
If you want I'd fire up my SLSK client and we could check if your client is working fine?! We'd use a challenge/response technic:
I share a random generated file, you share it again and I DL it as well. When both is working just the other clients have a problem. You'd then advise them to this board/thread.

Hello again! I found one solution. A user suggested me to try NS version, tested and... works perfect! Then I checked this:
- I was uploading a file with NS version: no problems. Closed NS, and opened QT: upload become aborted again and again. Then closed QT version and opened one more time NS: uploading files again without problems.
So I think there is a problem with my Soulseek QT, but I cannot find it. I have the same ports configured in both versions.
On the other hand, we can check my client as you commented. Tell me which file may I download from you.

the NS version (apart from being superseeded for 6 years now) uses a different engine and different server. Just the protocol is the same.
A test could be nicotine+ which is using the same serversystem as SLSKqt uses and is different programmed.
Anyway I'll start up my SLSK now. I created a file called Testfile_Random.test; search for it and DL it (contact me via SLSK so I'll randomly see the message).

Hi adriman
have you DL it already? I'm keeping my client just alive for your test scenario. As I pay per volume I'd rather get it done :-)

Hello sam! No, I couldnt. Not found any file with name, I thought you were offline. Which is your username un soulseek?

The search in SLSK is sometimes quite not authentic (different results just seconds apart), but now U found me and the DL worked. We will test the UL when U are back.
Up to now everything points to your client not configuring their clients right.