How to share (n00b)

Another nubie here, asking a n00b question: How do I share exacly? I've created a share folder and hooked it up.
But do I just add stuff to that folder? Is that it?
And, (2) are there any rules on what can be shared? I mean, can it be any music, say? And does it need to be, say, categorized somehow?
Cant wait to get started and I dont wanna get banned on my first day...

Hi anrbjotk
2) Share/Data is Data, so it's up to you what you share, rare stuff might be interesting anything that's of worth (sharing) to you as it might be to others. Most important is what the others think about it so you don't get banned or other fancy stuff. With 3000 Files nobody should ban you just by seeing.
1) yes that's the way: add a folder(s) and have stuff in it or put it there. SLSK do NOT see changes, so everytime you change files, you have to trigger (options-File Sharing) the "Rescan Shares" Button.
The User leijsten has a very good user manual created; worth using it :-)
Cheers and happy sharing