[Bug report]SoulseekQt process won't open anymore

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Version: SoulseekQt-2015-6-12/SoulseekQt-2016-1-24 OS - Windows XP SP3.

• Type of Bug: Process ends prematurely.
• Description: When trying to double-click/open the process, SoulseekQt crashes.
Before this the program worked flawless.

Using SimpleProgramDebugger from Nirsoft, the debug string displayed is "QtLockedFile::lock(): file is not opened".
I guess that the problem may be caused by using an obscure Registry Cleaner, which may removed some empty registry entries.
Please help me to fix this.
Please recommend me another good debugger tool to post the report.

Thank you.

Hi aquila_slsk
I'd try to create another user profile and try SLSK there. I guess your config files got corrupted (crash or kill of SLSK process). SLSK does nOT use the registry or other fancy stuff of Windows. It's nearly a portable version :-)

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I tried the following on my OS (Win XP SP3):
- I uninstalled the old version SoulseekQt-2016-1-24 and installed the new one, SoulseekQt-2015-6-12, and used the same user profile (%LocalAppData%\SoulseekQt\1\soulseek-client.dat.1451285271140) - the process won't open;
- I removed the user profile files (soulseek-client.dat.145129*) from the default location and I deleted QtLocked* file from %TEMP% - the same result, the process won't start.

The user profile / config files are not corrupted. I moved them on a different machine and are working fine.

Interesting enough the old version of Soulseek (slsk157NS13e), is working fine on my Win XP SP3.
I need to fix the issue on my current OS, the process of SoulseekQt is not opening ("QtLockedFile::lock(): file is not opened"). I want to finish downloading the file left in config file.
Please recommend me a good debugger tool to post the full detailed debug report.
I need help.


Where are you seeing the "QtLockedFile::lock(): file is not opened" message?

Hi aquila_slsk
SLSK NS is completely different in all his behavior (different sourcetree, different config files, different compiler, different engine, different server, different way in search and doing; only the protocol is the same), so not comparable in any way.
Again: have you tried a different windows profile instead of just deleting/renaming the config files
A good debugger is processmonitor from sysinternals or to dig deeper BlackICE, but that's more for hacking purposes and needs a lot of background knowhow. Afaik SLSK uses Qt for compiling (hence the name) and a few OS sepcific plugins, which turns out the VC++ error message you might read of. using the Visual Studio ICE and debugger might be a way (I'm using GDB as I'm on a GNU enviroment) to look into the doing. Have you checked if you see soulseekqt.exe in your task manager?

Has worked fine for month/years even. Today it won't open