[vers. 157 NS 13e] Almost half of attempted uploads fail instantly, all are very slow

Hi, trying to improve my seeding to help the community. First off I want to say that I know an official connection problem thread already exists, however its last post was 4 years ago and I wasn't having this problem until this year on a newer computer with a different ISP.

I know that my ISP (Telus) does not throttle torrents but my upload in SLSK is just TERRIBLE. It hovers between 20 and 50 kb/s.
Meanwhile my bittorrent speeds are usually around 5 mb/s.
Sometimes users have no problem downloading from me, it just takes a very long time. More often however the uploads will fail a second after and no amount of retries fixes it. I've confirmed in these cases that the users are still online and that they're actually capable of downloading faster than what my upload speed is.

I've got my router set to allow traffic in and out of the port I entered in soulseek. That same port also has a green light in qbittorrent to show everything's all good.
canyouseeme.org says that my soulseek port is open, but the soulseek website says it's closed. I don't know why there's a difference - type of traffic maybe? I have UPNP enabled anyway to try and fix things and it's not helping.

Also if I update to a new version of Soulseek will it finally display Japanese text and other unicode? I can't share most anime soundtracks nor look for them due to the limitation.

Hi hrimfaxi
NS was abandoned 6 years ago and not supported here at all. As it's completely different from the Qt version here there's nothing I'd do.
Switch to the modern version!

I made the switch and my upload speeds are now between 40 and 1000 depending on who downloads- looks like a success.
Soulseek website says my port is open finally

Hi hrimfaxi
the speeds always depends how much goes into the network. The more you give the more will come out in the end (for all, not necessarily for you yourself).
Happy sharing!