Updates for Soulseek

Hey guys, fellow soulseek users. I just wanted to ask if there will be updated versions for 8 core processors? I built a $2200 PC but soulseek is like the only program that loads forever.

Hi anunnaki2222
I've SLSK running on a Single Core AMD and on an 8 core ARM and both are fast as I'd type in. When you share more than 10k Files it took some time to get them sorted at startup. 100k is still in a range of ease, 500k files could take some time. Same goes to UL/DL slots. As more you upload or download as more to cope with. Still my startup or working is below 2sec (SSD only) on anything I do.
Multithreading is already done in SLSKqt but some tasks are not able to be faster if distributed to more cores (matrix calculations and FEM e.g.), other apps like encoding/decoding take nearly 100% advantage from multithreading.
My nicotine+ is compiled (RaspBIAN Linux) to multithreading, but the code itself is very in sync, meaning there's no speed advantage from distributing it to multiple cores. I guess SLSKqt is multithreaded as well but the code not optimized for it. Getting all threads into one line again costs power and a lot of know How to be as stable as it is now. Lots of apps are still not Mulicore capable due to that (MP3 encoder, flac, ....). YOu could put that wish into the Feature request list.