How to run both utorrent and Soul Seek at the same time?

I have a problem running both these programs together. It seems that everytime I run these programs together Soulseek will always lose connection (red bird) rendering me unable to upload or download. I love sharing my folders and dun mind turning off utorrent to download but I prefer to upload when I am afk and leave my Pc on on top of that, I also upload lots of stuff on utorrent and I can only choose between one of them. So it would be nice if someone can tell me how to rectify this problem

have you forwarded the ports manually? It seems your torrent use the same ports as SLSK uses. As only one is allowed to hear/talk on one port they needs to be on different ports. uPNP is mostly the problem, so disable it, forward three ports (2 for SLSK and one for torrent), put the according port infos into SLSK and torrent and they should cooperate.

Can u teach me how to disable uPNP and forward these three ports?

Thank you!

uPNP is under SLSK Options-login "use upnp port mapping"; unclick it; As I have no torrent running I could not pinpoint you there, but surely under the network settings. The forwarding is different on any of the thousands of routers anywhere around the world. The best way is to look into the router setup and search for "port forwarding", but even that is described differently. I'm currently working on such a troubleshooting guide, but I've not had time to finish it. It would just point you a way, but far away from a walkthrough. There are surely forums for your router. Ask there how to forward ports to your PC. It's not needed to tell why you need that apart from having a server process running behind it.

Hi, I solved this problem by changing the listening port to some random number and forwarding it on my router.

That's the right way :-)
Happy sharing