Issue with really wide window

Hi is anyone else having issues with the the program when you open it up and the window is reaaaally long? I have to pull the window across loads of times in order to get to the other side and neither side of the window will let me drag it smaller.
I've also tried putting it in full screen mode and even then only a portion of the window is visible (the rest continues off to the left and right side of the screen)

I'm using a Mac Yosemite btw.

I had the same problem (Windows 7) with the additional problem of not being able to manually resize the window. Finally, I just uninstalled the program, deleted all associated folders (including hidden ones) and then reinstalled soulseek. Maybe a fix will be added to the next version.


I am using Soulseek (mac)

I have deleted the application and tried redownloading the file to sort the problem out, however the probelm still persists!

Do you know the names of the hidden files that also needed to be deleted before reinstalling?


afair the names are the same under all SLSK Version:
soulseek-client.dat.....(=lots of numbers)
Search in your profile for it.

Hi thanks for sharing your experience.

I had a go but similarly I can't find these hidden files to delete. I've tried using the finder search bar as well as manually searching and deleting all related folders. Can't find the soulseek-client.dat.. ones you mention. You mentioned searching in your profile? Which profile?


depending on your OS the profile is in the /home folder (=linux) or C:\Users folder. The Windows search got lost (most file cases are excluded by default) since Vista, so use the command line as administrator (cmd.exe => dir /s /a soulseek-client.d*) I think there are a few threads on the config files search already in the forum or google, just search for "config file soulseek" and you get a tutorial about it.