soulseek Lost all Data (and cannot solve issue with existing posts on subject)


I just lost all data from my soulseek and unfortunally i cant solve my problem with the information from other similiar posts. The idea of my post is to avoid losing evrything again and get back to square one. So, i have the SoulseekQt-2015-6-12.exe installed with windows 10 operating system. After i lost all soulseek data i tryed to import the soulseek data file from the appdata folder and soulseek program doesnt even recognize the soulseek data files. So this procedure doesnt work. I reinstalled soulseek and again no luck in resolving my problem.

The question is: what is the best version of soulseek to be installed that wont have this kind of bug/problem if my computer crashes for any reason.


Is there anything i can do to prevent this from happening in the future?

Before i had an older version of soulseek installed in windows 7 and all worked smoothly. Only with the newer builts i started to have problems or its windows 10 that is killing it. Dont know but need to fix this permanently as i use Soulseek regularlly.


Hi Cosmiclounge
corrupt config files of SLSKqt are not readable any more are hard to recover as there's no syntax handler for an editor. A good way to backup (so it could be imported again) is here:
Reinstalling doesn't solve anything. If you have had an very old installation of SLSKqt (2014) the config file might get corrupt with newer versions. The right way to do an update is the export/import way so all old stuff is kicked out again.
Corruption might happen when your Filesystem is fragile or SLSK crashes (to whatever reason) while writing to the config files.
It never happened to me even on any of my worldwide distributed PC, but I read often about it. Couldn't say anthing negative of the newer (2015+) Version of SLSKqt on Win or Linux.