Soulseek bans my downloads?

So I was trying to download some bootlegs and when I try to download them, it just says 'Banned' next to my download. What happened?

Hi thejohnfan
that's something the provider=sharer (of the bootlegs) define. As long as you have a lot of (audio) files shared it's very unusual, but as there are a few who don't share at all, only private shares or just junk files (dll, sys, binaries, ......) some protect their share very seriously. You have to ask the sharer why, and maybe he reevaluate your status?!

Are you saying individual users can ban you from downloading from them? I think some people have banned me. What happened was I shared some files when I first got soulseek and after that couldn't figure out how to share more. Then something happened when I upgraded or something and unbeknownst to me I wasn't sharing anything.

I realize this is down to my own laziness as much as anything. In any case, last night I figured all that out and Googled how to share files, and now I'm sharing a bunch. Better late than never! In any case, I don't know where the messages go when someone bans you, but I found some files on my computer that had text that said things like "Not sharing anything=BAN." Does that mean I have been banned from individual users? Is there a way to get unbanned when one repents, as I have?

Hi bzfgt
yes of course they (as you) can; (it's your files/share so I find it important that you have full control over it). Banning does not tell you that else you DL something from the user. Most allow you to ask for a reevaluation of your status. After all SLSK is a very community driven network and far away from anonymous. Just ask. Some might even put you on the ignore list, which prohibit them to be contacted by you anymore. So don't get sad when you cannot satisfy everyone and pledge of your innocence.
Cheers and happy sharing!