Download Kbs drops to 2.0 then aborts with every download.

Over the last couple of days I have been unable to download anything. I can search and attempt to download but every time the download speed starts at approx 45 kbs, drops to 2.0 then aborts the download. Nothing has changed in my setup part from getting a new SKY router but I have been using Soulseek with it until a couple of days ago. Any help greatly appreciated.

Hi Davesater
there are a fewthings that could be responsible for that behavior. First: di the port check work (SLSKSqt options) inside your PC? A new router an d active services behind a firewall(=Router) means there's no way your machine could get answers from the SLSK network, which ...right... handshakes the DL and UL of any transfer. As long as your SKY connect is still IPv4 and not IPv6 everything is possible. If your router supports uPnP you might try that first.