Ubuntu 16.04

My Ubuntu-Version is still 14.04 but I want to upgrade to 16.04. Will there come up a SLSK-version for this new OS-Version? Or can I use the SLSK 2016-1-17 for Ubuntu 16.04 as well?

Let me also ask if a compatibility with IPv6 is planned. Sooner or later IPv4 will be history.

Hi xix
I've used Ubuntu 15.10 with the current SoulseekQt-2016-1-17 and it worked but that was only a short test as my main platform is nicotine+ under raspbian.
About IPv6 only Nir could answer that. Nicotine+ does not support IPv6 so far and need a major overhaul to be capable. As IPv6 handles Port forwarding on a complete different way it's far in the future I was told (from the n+ dev team about one year ago)

Thank you, Sammy. I shall try if it works. I got also the Nicotine+ (for every case). Would be a pity if nothing would work. SLSK is my most important service! ;-)

[Edit] It seems to work! I copied the SLSK-Program-Folder onto a second hard disk (it is primarily on the system disk which is not shown in this case) and booted with a Linux-install-CD with an Ubuntu 16.04 trial. I started SoulSeek, wrote down my user name and password, set up the ports and "Whoops" I could make a successful search. Great! Thanks a lot!