HELP!!!--"open folder" does nothing

I usually delete the music files after I put them in itunes, because otherwise I have two copies of everything. Tonight I noticed there were still a bunch of empty files with the album names I've downloaded, so I got rid of those too to make space.

I must have deleted something important, because now when I right click a file and click "open file" or "open folder," nothing at all happens. I tried deleting Soulseek and downloading it again, but I have the same problem (and I'm not sure it worked right, because I still had the files in "transfer" that I downloaded before all this happens).

So, when I click "open file/folder"--nothing!! This is a disaster!!! What can I do?

Hi bzfgt
a "uninstall/reinstall" of SLSKqt does nothing to clear old settings. As you describve it seems to me that your incoming/download folder is no longer present and SLSK is started as unprivileged user and therefor not able to create it where you configured it to be.
Your solution lies in the options chapter (file sharing) where you should check the settings with what you really have.

Thanks, it somehow straightened itself out!