Long Time User... Various Complaints.

Hey, I haven't used the forum before but I've been on SLSK since 2001. Always my must have software, yet I never told many about it because I didn't want to ruin it and have a crazy amount of people on it... Anyway.

That being said, I have a lot of problems with the QT version. In fact, I say the older version is far superior to this one in many ways. Here's some things that are problematic for me at least:

The interface is literally all over the place. I go to options, but some of the more important options are just a button their self up top!?

Cannot sort the search list by anything, the columns literally do nothing at all...

Downloading songs in a folder downloads a whole folder sometimes

Downloading single songs creates a folder with the same name they came from

There are other little bugs, but nothing that can't be tolerated, however the ones I listed make it extremely tedious to use. I have to brace myself before using the software at times. I hope the team looks into consideration for these tweaks.

Thank you all, and keep up the good work.

Hi HelgenX
then welcome aboard the SLSK forum.
To your points (imho):
-all over the place: not really intuitiv but quite practical on modern GUIs with all there "button happiness". You just have to know the HowTo
-I'm absolutely with you with the missing search sorting.
-whole folder: this function could be disabled in the options menu. I find it rather practically....

I've to admin that I do not know NS or older at all, but Qt brought a multiOS capability and multi Architecture into the game. A drawback is the limitation of OS specificas like the use of a registry (Win), or native IPv6 support or implemented RAMdisks (both linux) or 3D GUIs (OSX mainly). the advantage of using Qt is (in my opinion) worth the effort and drawbacks. As I know nicotine+ (once been a core member) very well, I see what is possible by having 20 programmer with their dreams active on the rudder (which is often a big drawback).

I'll admit I'm not sure I prefer the tree layout to the old list layout, even though there are certain advantages. At any rate you can set both the transfers and search views to be displayed as lists under Options->UI. In the case of search results you can then sort by the different columns.