Soulseek Discussion Google Group

For a while now I've been having to manually approve posts and most comments to stem the tide of constant spam that's been hitting the forum for as long as I can remember. This has not been ideal, especially of late since I've been so very busy with work, days would often go by before I could tend to the approval queue. Making our users wait that long just to be able to participate in a discussion is not practical, it's not fair, and it's not conducive to a healthy dialog.

Drupal has a module for spam filtering, but it has not been working very well. It eliminates roughly 90% of the spam, but %10 of an insane amount of spam is still a lot of spam. All this considered, I am looking to have discussion hosted elsewhere, where good spam filtering is a given. I'm not sure how good Google Groups' spam filtering is, but if it's anywhere as good as Google Mail's then we should be set. I've changed the forum link in the sidebar to lead to the new group. The original forum is still accessible here, and I may add a read-only link to the sidebar later on: