Fix/Eliminate "Folder Scanning in Progress" popup

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The "Folder Scanning in Progress" popup that appears when you click "Options > File Sharing > Rescan Shares" is super aggravating. Soulseek momentarily freezes when I click it, causing the popup to appear in the middle of my screen, and can't be moved, and is displayed over all other windows. After maybe ten or twenty seconds the client will become responsive again, and I can move the popup window around. If I alt+tab to another window without minimizing Soulseek, the popup will remain on top. If I minimize Soulseek and then accidentally alt+tab back to Soulseek (instead of another window) the popup will reappear on top of everything else until the client is minimized again. It will also automatically expand the width of the popup to display the entire path of the file(s) being scanned, rather than simply truncating what's displayed beyond a certain width, or using a horizontal scrollbar to keep the window width reasonable. The popup can be resized, but another long path will re-expand it again. I have my client set to "Minimize to tray on close" - clicking the X does nothing while a scan is in progress, but clicking the X and then minimizing the client will cause it to disappear from my application bar / alt+tab menu and stay in the tray. However, if I do this, I cannot access the program again from the tray - it will remain unresponsive while scanning, and upon finishing the scan, the client will crash (every time.) It would be nice if the popup could be eliminated entirely, and perhaps have a section of the File Sharing tab show this activity instead, or move it to another sub-tab on the options or diagnostics tabs.
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