[Fixed!] Problem with automatic activation of privileges

The issue is fixed! We received word from Paypal that the engineering issue was resolved on their end, and there have been no unactivated donations for the last 2+ days. Thank you for your patience and support!

Hey guys,

It looks like in the last couple of days some of the Paypal IPN notifications for your donations did not include the Soulseek username you provided. This has never happened before, and is probably a pretty serious problem on their end. We did run in to a similar issue a couple of weeks ago where the username was sent as a differently named field in the IPN notification (which also never happened before), but we were able to adapt to it on our side.

We tried calling them but there doesn't appear to be anyone there who can help us right now, so we're going to keep it up until they can resolve the issue. Until then, we'll be manually activating privileges for affected donations by hand, so we appreciate your patience as there's a chance you won't receive them right away. We're hugely sorry for this inconvenience, and as always we greatly appreciate your support! If a day has gone by and you still haven't received your privileges, please post to this thread on our forum and we'll take care of it ASAP:


Roz and Nir Arbel