unable to enter slsk p2p sharing forum

I am unable to enter any slsk p2p sharing forums. Do you think centurytel is blocking my dsl from usingit ? Or, am I just doing something wrong? I have donated money twice because I really like slsknet but I haven't been able to get in for a couple of weeks!!! help me please?

Have you tried both the original Soulseek client and SoulseekQt? If neither are working and this isn't a problem with a specific client, then there's a good chance your ISP is blocking Soulseek. You can always try contacting your ISP and asking, or if you have a friend with a centurytel connection, maybe they can verify that Soulseek isn't working for them as well.

Good luck, Nir

I have D/L'd both the original and QT, but I'm not sure I am attempting to get into the forum at the right place. I figured how to change my password, but once I change it how do I get into the p2p music exchange forum? What do I click on?
I just called Centurylink and they don't block access to any sites SOOOO... I'm not doing something right to get into the p2p forum. I feel REALLY STUPID!! but, can you tell me what to click on once I use my log-in name and password to get into the website? I never used to have a problem getting into that forum.

The original Soulseek client should try to connect as soon as you provide a username and password. In SoulseekQt, use the Connection->Connect menu option after you've entered a username and password. If the menu option is grayed out that means the client is already trying to connect.

If you want, I can try to look at your problem using remote control. It's a little complicated, but if you can install and set up TeamViewer, add me as a contact, my account name is nirslsk. We can message each other this way and set up a remote control session with your supervision.

Thanks, Nir

I downloaded teamviewer as soon as I read your note. Thank you! I hope you can help me! First, though, I'm having some internet problems that have to be addressed before I do anything else. Or I'm afraid that we'll get it set up and it will get messed up when they work on my computer and I don't want to ask for your help twice!
I don't know what time zone you're in, I'm CST, but can I connect with you (literally) later today? Would 4pm work? Or whenever. I'm not working, as I'm disabled, so whatever time works for you (later today) works for me. Is that OK?
Also, I was wondering if I can change my username bacck to xena1 and my PW back to Sneakers54. I've changed both of them SOOOO many times in an effort to get back into the p2p site that I can't even keep them straight!!
Talk to you later??

Hi MJ,

I suggest you try installing TeamViewer and creating an account. You can always uninstall it later if you're worried it's going to cause problems. Once you're logged in to your TeamViewer account, add me as a contact (nirslsk). I think it might need my acceptance which I'll give as soon as I see the request. Or if it just adds me, right-click my contact in your buddy list and send me a message. If you have any questions about this, post them here and I'll answer them as quickly as I can.

Thanks, Nir

Hi!! I'm sorry I haven't been in touch w/ you. I've spent some time in the hospital w/ a superinfection. It wouldn't respond to oral antibiotics, so they had to do it intervenously.
Anyway, I'll watch for your response.
My teamviewer number is [removed for security purposes]. I still haven't been able to get a slsk sharing account set up, so that would be great if you could do that for me.

since trying to connect before, I have replaced my router with a stronger, faster one. So, maybe it'll work this time, but I thought I have tried it without success. But, I'll try it again and let you know.

Hi MJ, I tried connecting to you using the ID and password you've supplied but apparently you weren't online. What's your teamviewer account name? I can try and add you to my list.

Thanks, Nir

my teamviewer id is [removed for security purposes]. Also, one time when I was looking up my teamviewer account, it had"m26uf" in the PW space. I don't know what or how but that may be a PW also???

you told me that I could use both similtaneously if they had different usernames and passwords how do I set that up?

In SoulseekQt:

1. Click the Connection->Disconnect menu option.
2. Go to the Options tab, then inside the Options tab go to the Login tab.
3. Click the 'Change Username/Password' in the action bar above.
4. Enter a new username and password and click OK.
5. Click the Connection->Connect menu option or close and restart SoulseekQt.

Which page are you on when you are doing the above actions? If I can't figure it out, can I bother you to help me remotely again?

I'm sorry MJ, I'm very busy and can't keep providing you with ongoing technical support. If SoulseekQt is turning out to be too much a change, I really recommend you stick with the original Soulseek client for the time being.

Actually, I truly like slskQT! I didn't expect you to set me up with the new version at the time you were helping me w/ my other problem, so it was an unexpected perk! It's not a big deal not to be able to use them both at one time anyway, so I can either keep attempting to figure it out myself, or not.I also wasn't familiar w/ the slsk forums until now and have realized I can get a lot of valuable info by reading those. As I metioned, I I do want to make another donation to slsk. Your help was terrific. I can't make it until next w/e though, as I'm broke right now. Later...MJ

I TOTALLY understand. Thanks so much for all the help you've given me so far!!!

I feel honored to have received such personal attention from you. I know you're aVERY busy person. I am donating another $10.00 to the slsk cause. Thanx again. MJ

I'm sorry I've taken up so much of your time. Thanx for your patience! I just have to ask one more question:where did I see that site where I can donate to slsk? I'd like to donate another ten dollars. You really gave me some personalized service! I'll see if my son in Hong Kong could help me figure out that one problem I wrote about. Thank you.

Thank you for understanding MJ. Donations are made from the Web tab in the original Soulseek client, or using the Support Soulseek button at the top right corner of the SoulseekQt client. I'll tell you what, maybe this forum isn't the place for the sort of support you're seeking, but if you add me to your TeamViewer contact list (my TeamViewer account name is nirslsk), you can message me there, and once I'm in front of the computer I should be able to help you. That should go a lot faster than posting messages here.

Thanks, Nir

I've added you to my contact list. I appreciate your help.

So, I've been using slsk for years and just stumbled into this forum for the first time today. Nir, you are crazy committed to slsk and I'm amazed at how much time you put into taking care of your users. I wouldn't have 1/10th of the music that I love today without slsk, so on behalf of all of us ... THANK YOU!!! (If I wake up rich tomorrow, I'm buying you a real mac :) )

Thanks dgt :) I love working on Soulseek, and I hope to be able to keep doing so for a long time to come. You don't have to worry about the Mac though, I upgraded to an Intel motherboard and CPU about a month and a half ago and got a dual-boot Hackintosh going!

Thank you, again. I have set up a different username & PW for this acct. You're a sweetheart!

Thanks MJ :) Glad to hear you got it working!

BTW if you're a fan of Lucy Lawless you should check out Spartacus! She's bloody wonderful in it.

I've been having a lot of problems in slskqt. I am connected and am getting some D/Ls going, when I get disconnected. I click on the "connect" drop-down and sometimes get reconnected, and sometimes not. Yesterday, it was happening all the time. Usually, the reconnect would only last for seconds, then I'd be disconnected again. Then, it stopped letting me reconnect at all, showing the message "Log in failed. Reason: socket error. Please change your log in settings in the options tab and try again." So, I changed my listening port from 2230 to 2333 (I was just punting) without success. What should I do?