Long time SS user's comments on the User Group Privileges

I can't write anything about Soulseek without taking a moment to offer my deep gratitude to you, Nir.

I've been using SS for what must be close to 10 years and there just aren't adequate words for me to describe what an incredibly valuable resource it's been for me on multiple levels. I've always believed that any group endeavor, including on line groups, are a reflection of it's creators and founders: that Soulseek has thrived as an exceptional community, with such consistently generous and friendly participants is without a doubt a direct reflection of the qualities that you've woven into the fabric of Soulseek. Thank you!

Of course the same is true for everyone that has participated and shared to make it all work so amazingly well.

I'm just coming in late to the new Qt client and I'm very excited about just about all of it. The only concern I have so far are some of the possibilities that I foresee re: the User Groups and the way that privileges can be assigned around them.

In my view, one of the greatest strengths of SS has always been the view-ability and availability every users Shared files - all of them. Moving away from that model to one where only certain files will be available or even viewable to certain users (according to their privileges) seems like moving toward a state where less and less files will be available, overall to many, if not most, users. If that's the case, then wouldn't that result in less incentive to spend time on SS and a snowballing trend toward diminishing participation, due to fewer successful search results?

Nir, I'd sincerely like to hear your thoughts on this and if I've misunderstood how the user group privileges are going to work or otherwise missed the point, please let me know.


Hi funkrascal,

First thank you for your very kind word. As to the issue of sharing different folders with different user groups, I do not believe that would result in people sharing fewer files publicly. First of all, you have to consider that even the original Soulseek client lets the user share different folders publicly and privately at the same time. Which means the only real difference between the original Soulseek client and SoulseekQt in that regard is that you can further specify how privately you want to share a private folder. Secondly, even if it were a matter of moving from an either/or sharing situation to a fine-grained one, I believe that the primary reason people switch to sharing privately is because they don't want to share their files with users who don't themselves share (I may be wrong on this.) If that's the case, being able to only share a subset of one's files and reward users by some specific criteria may actually convince them to at least share some of their files publicly. Worst case scenario, they'd do the exact same thing and share nothing. For these reasons I don't see user group sharing as any particular threat to public sharing on Soulseek.

Thanks, Nir

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