Download alerts, Chat logging and Color configuration

Whew, that took a lot longer than I expected. To wit!

Download alerts: You can now instruct SoulseekQt to alert you when the download of a file, all files in a folder, or all files from a user are finished downloading. I expect this will need some fine-tuning to account for file types that may not be processed by the uploader, thereby making downloading a complete file set possibly unattainable. Until then, right click a download and use the options provided under the 'Alert me when...' menu to set the right type of alert. This will flash the application icon when the alert triggers as with other types of events, but also pop-up a bubble notification under Windows and (at least the Debian flavor of) Linux. Qt doesn't appear to be able to do that under OSX...

Chat logging: All room and user chat windows now feature a 'Chat Log' button in the action bar which will pop the log in a searchable tab. Search is only very basic, type what you're looking for and use the arrow buttons to navigate to other instances of found text. An 'Open Log Folder' button will take you straight to where the log file is in case you want to back it up or move it somewhere else. A 'Clear Log' button will delete the log file (but keep logging chat in the room or with the user). If you want to disable logging altogether, you may do so under the Options->General tab.

Color configuration: This appears to be very shaky under both OSX and Linux unfortunately. Under Windows it seems to work perfectly well. Use the 'Select Application Colors' button under Options->General to open the Color configuration dialog. Colors may be changed for the various basic UI components as defined by Qt (Window/Input/Buttons), as well as transfer statuses and chat elements.


  • Soulseek application icon for the OSX version! Also, most if not all of the UI labels which were cut off under OSX were resized to display properly. All courtesy of my new Hackintosh!
  • Server is pinged every five minutes to help prevent, or at least detect a dead connection.
  • Private chat events now generate notification popups under Windows and Linux.
  • Room tabs now feature a close button to replace the 'Leave Room' action.
  • Fixed a bug that may crash the client when trying to download from a browsed share if there are other share browses open.
  • Double-clicking an entry in the correlated searches pane will automatically execute the search.

As is often the case, much else has changed under the hood, so new bugs not in the vicinity of this release's major new features are possible. Links on the download page!

Thanks, Nir



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There is a strange bug, somehow chat logs not saving properly.
Some latter letters or words are missing.

Are these messages with international characters that are not being saved to the chat log?

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Nope - usual english. I can make a screenshot if needed.

If you could link to one, that would be great. Thank you.

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Upper is soulseek window, bottom is saved .txt file.
Note: i marked names on purpose.

Can you check the log file in a text editor and see if those characters are missing there as well? You can use the 'Open Log Folder' button to quickly get to where the file is.

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Same in log file, moreover all chat phrases are in one row. something like that

Hope this helps.

Sorry to keep hassling you like this, this may seem like a redundant question. So, as far as you can tell the usernames are missing from the log file as well?

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No, i masked them on purpose :)

I see one place in the code where characters can potentially be lost when writing to file. It is a consequence of the string containing international characters, and while I can see you're not using any in the chat itself, I think I see one in the name of the month, which I guess Qt picks based on your localization settings. Try this build and see if it fixes the problem: SoulseekQt-chat-log-fix-attempt-1.exe. I'm assuming you're using the Windows version. If not, please let me know and I'll build and link to the right one.

Thanks, Nir

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cannot run it on my macbook. it says windows program and says it cannot run on DOS

It sounds like you might have downloaded the wrong version.

Are you using Qt Style Sheets for the UI? I found using them made it easier and quicker to make layout and visual changes when dealing with lots of widgets, and you could expose as much of it as you wanted to user customisation or themeing.