what's your automatic 'you are not sharing'-message?

I'm really happy with the new automatic 'you are not sharing' message and was wondering if you're using the default message or did you make one up?

It looks like you're not sharing any files. That's why new soulseekQt sends this automatic message. I might ban you, depending on my mood, what you're downloading, how much you're downloading from me and whether I'm actually at the computer. Take your chances or SHARE SOME FILES PLEASE. Thanks!

What's yours? Share 'em here!

When I first read about this new feature, i wasn't very excited. However, after upgrading to the latest version and waking up to 10 messages from users apologizing for not sharing, I think it's amazing. Great feature Nir.

I plan on getting baked and creative tonight so I can come up with a cleaver auto message. I like yours evoluon.

Hey Phil! It's been a while. Yeah, I've gotten a few other reports from people who have heard back from lots of downloaders with empty shares. I'm very happy about this. It just goes to show you how innocent this sort of thing is most of the time. Let us know what you end up using as your auto message :)

thx :) And thanks to dynamitri's messages I added the part about how to share too. Last problem is the chatty habla espanol people who have no idea what the message is about :P

Mine is:

Hiya, it looks like you're not sharing any files. Please share something before downloading anything from my own shares. If you're new here, and on SoulSeekQT, here's a quick run through on how to do this: 1) Go to the "Options" tab, it's in the second row of tabs on the top of the window 2) There is a "Share Folder" tab on the very top of the window. If you can't see it, look all the way up, you should be able to see it. It's the second tab from the left. 3) Click on "Share Folder" - a new window will come up, and you need to choose "Select Folder", and then "Use". Click "OK" and close the window. This should add the folder to your shares. 4) Remember to rescan your shares periodically, so that your new files become indexed. To do this, go to Options -> Share Folder -> Rescan Shares (again, top of the screen). Thanks!

Helpful, and it advertises SoulseekQt ;) I like it!

Glad to hear it from the Man Himself ;)

I've went on with this one, 'cause tbh I got tired of coming back to, like, 20 messages saying "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know, I'm new here, how can I share". I don't really have time to explain to every lost soul out there, but at the same time I didn't quite feel right knowing that every person sharing helps the network and here I am, effectively losing potential sharers.

Oddly enough, I'm on a third day of the message now, and I don't get almost any replies/messages anymore. Which, to my understanding, means that it does the job? ;)

That is odd. It seems to suggest that you've attained good coverage of your target audience :) You'd think it would be a more transient affair, but maybe it's a lot more static than I imagined.

Just for the sake of it - can you confirm that this message is actually coming through (i.e. it's not exceeding any possible character limits I have no idea about)?

Case might be that no message is being sent now (although just having checked I can confirm that the message is still in its text field, intact), hence no messages/responses?

Hmm, the possibility of the message not getting sent didn't occur to me. The server does automatically reject private messages longer than 2048 characters, but your warning message doesn't hit half that (831 characters by my text editor's count). If you give me your username I can test for it when I'm online, or you can test it yourself using, say, an instance of the original Soulseek client under a different username running at the same time.

My current username is LondizBeatz.

Regrettably, I'm unable to test the original client (which, to my understanding, is the Win version) - Mac OS X user here. :(

Many thanks for all the help, Nir ;)

Oh absolutely! Yeah, I am not getting that message for some reason. I can see your client browsing my files, and no doubt they come up empty, but no message. Can you see in Diagnostics->Logs->Shared if your client sent an empty share warning to one MaxVonSpeedo?

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Great message, I'm shamelessly copying it as I've had my share of explaining too :)

I think this is an excellent reply, and, how do we communicate this msg to non-english speaking clients of slsk? I was trying to communicate with a client recently, unsuccessfully. By simply typing "no Ingles ?" I found out they spoke Portuguese. I found a translator site, but by the time I translated what I wanted to say, they were not on-line anymore! But what I've wondered, many times, is whether the client I'm communicating with even understands English. So I think before we decide people are selfish, or rude, we should consider the other options first; are they in need of technical assistance, as so eloquently stated by Dynamitri, or do they even understand what you're saying when you're making an effort to connect?

[Tue Jun 19 18:42:58 2012] Shared file list requested by user MaxVonSpeedo
[Tue Jun 19 18:44:05 2012] Sent empty share warning message to user MaxVonSpeedo

baffled. no idea what's happening, tbh.

there's another one right after you, same thing - logged, but no reply (hence: probably no message)

Did you perchance formulate the message in a text editor and paste it to the warning message edit field? It might be that the newlines were not filtered out, in which case the server would not send the message. To make sure, I would type in the entire message on a single line. If this is the case, I'll make sure to convert newlines to spaces in future builds.

TBPFH with you, I think I've done this in an on-line plain text editor (just a weird thing I've done, don't ask me why, I can't tell you because I don't know it myself, haha)

I've tried again, if you could be kind enough to find a few spare secs to run through that again at some point today, that would be awesome. My SLSK is up and running, as usual :)


It works! I'll add a check for newlines in the code.

Thanks, Nir

Yep, I found out tonight when I got back home, had a few replies again.

Thanks for taking the time to look on this one. Really appreciated.

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Well, One of MY major complaints about original SS software is the rampant non-sharing users. I remember spending time looking over downloads, kicking ppl off, etc.. but you know, I just gave up, it was not worth my effort (not sharing files, fine, I'll share MSFT Font directory)...

So while I don't necessarily agree with the auto stop, b/c of the other side being able to just share fonts, icons, etc.. I AM ENJOYING the automation of the kick. So, with that thank you.

Anything that can be automated so that all I can do is just look at my software go ok, this is good and move on with my daily life... is worth the effort .


Currently, I'm using the default.

i had "share you fukn crack monkey!" lol, but i shut it off, cuz SS sometimes can connect to people and i auto misfired the message a couple times to people.

Is there any way Soulseek could automatically open the chat window for the users we have auto-sent the message to? Right now I notice not everyone responds to the message so I'm not always aware of who it's actually been sent to...

You should be able to see who gets sent your empty share warning under Diagnostics->Logs->Shared.

This tab doesn't seem to be present in the 10/21/2012 build? Where'd it go?

The tab should appear the first time it needs to display a message. The new background shared folder scanning code doesn't produce the usual logging output, so the tab doesn't appear by default. It should though once the first empty share warning message is sent.

Mine is
Automated message: share some music or you get a ban.

And they reply! Lol you should read the excuses....

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"Have at my collection, and please share what you can of your own. No one likes prize pigs. Also, I am attempting to recover a lost hard drive please keep checking back. This is an autmatic message and will self destruct in 10 seconds."

I know. I get a lot of people that hem and haw and make excuses. But if they were sharing, they wouldn't see it, right? Also, I think a lot of people get the message by mistake, as I have the 'warning to empty sharers' box checked.

It's a great feature.
I just gussied up the default one a bit:

*AUTO MESSAGE* It looks like you're not sharing any files. Soulseek is a P2P application and only works to it's full potential when everybody shares, if nobody shares then there is nothing to download. To set up sharing go to the options tab then the filesharing sub tab and at the top of the window click on the file sharing button and then choose the folder(s) you want to share. Please share something before downloading anything from my own shares as repeated non sharing will result in you being banned. Thank you.

I think that the default message should include instructions on how to set up their shares. I've received a few responses from people who didn't have any idea how to do it. It would be nice if there was an indicator of who's using Qt vs. 157 NS 13e since setting up shares on each is different.

Are the empty share warnings sent to only people using Qt or 157 NS 13e users as well?

The empty share warning message is sent to either version of the client, so it could get a little confusing. I do intend to add a prompt that urges the user to share before wrapping development on SoulseekQt at least, so hopefully that should help.

You know, I don't like that people ban non-sharing users. Sure it's rude, but you should be sharing for the sake of sharing! Don't get me wrong, you can do what you like, but I don't see what the big deal is. The only thing I really dislike about it is that sharers get queued trying to grab files when non-sharers take up your DL slots.

Otherwise, it is what it is. I don't like the people who ban for the most ridiculous reasons (e.x. "You don't have what I like!"... YEAH, BECAUSE I'M TRYING TO GET IT!)

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This is a good feature, here's my message "There's many things to love about this program, but the one thing i don't like are those who do not share, It doesn't take much effort to set your shares, and it looks like you're not having trouble accessing my files. so whats your problem with not setting your share folder? I automatically BAN for this, so say goodbye to these files. IF I CAN SHARE SO CAN YOU."

we are a community of users which is based on shares, so there is no excuse for those who do not take the time to set their shares. and UltimateSoul, no it is not a big deal, but just as you said "but you should be sharing for the sake of sharing!" and this does not take long, that's the beauty of this software, that's the essence of it all, and that is as a community we share in the same goals, and there are rules that should and must be followed, it's not fair when someone takes up your DL slots I could go on and on, there is no excuse period.

It is a great feature! and it DOES work, wich is awesome. This is my message now:

/me [SlskQt Automatic Message] T h i s I s A R e m i n d e r T h a t Y o u A r e N o t S h a r i n g F i l e s M y F r i e n d . Depending on the situation here or if im here or not: I might unshare my files from you or push u back in line so people who DO share can have a d/l slot. Be Fair & Share. P e a c e ! ; )

it doesnt allow double spaces thought..:)

Mine is:

"SoulSeek is made possible through mutual sharing of files. You are not sharing files and are, therefore, a drain on the SoulSeek network. I will not share until you use SoulSeek as intended and contribute by sharing your own files. For more info go to: http://www.slsknet.org"