Many small things

Update: It appears the across-the-board conversion to Unicode is making the new build unable to download files with extended ASCII characters in their name (shared by users of the original Soulseek client.) I've pulled the download links and auto update notification until I can figure out a solution.

No big features this time around. I suspect this will become more and more the case with each new release as I'm sort of out of ideas for very big features at the moment. Oh! But I am offering a 64-bit Linux executable for the first time ever! Hopefully this won't screw with the automatic update notification mechanism. See below for a complete list of changes.

  • Maximum number of queued uploads per user setting under Options->File Sharing.
  • Item-specific operations in several areas have been moved from the action bar to context menus.
  • Multiple selection of search results and files in share browse views now possible.
  • Client will no longer return search results to itself.
  • Only a single instance of SoulseekQt can now be started.
  • All non-unicode string objects in the code were converted to Unicode-supporting QStrings. This should ensure better Unicode compatibility.
  • Search results are now ensured to match the originating search before being shown.
  • Filters entered into wishlist result views will be kept and reused whenever new views open for the same wishlist entry. Alerts will only be generated for the first visible set of search results, although the view will open as soon as any results arrive, to ensure they're available if the filter is changed.
  • Shared folder permissions can now be edited, removing the need to unshare and reshare them.
  • User group configuration dialogs are now properly disposed of, preventing a possible crash.

Links on the download page.

Thanks, Nir



I can make the windows version crash every time by clicking on the expand folders button a second time.
I tested it on the transfers tab in the upload sub-tab. I have a few uploads and whenever I click this button a second time the whole program crashes. I don't recall this happening on the previous build.

I'm running windows 7 64-bit.

Ah yes, I'm getting that too. I suspect it might have something to do with moving from Qt 4.7.4 to 4.8.1 for this build, as I seem to remember it was a problem with 4.8.0 as well. I'll get down to the bottom of it and post another update later on.

Thanks, Nir