Can't connect (server very slow?)

When I open the QT client, I have to wait indefinitely long before connecting, and very often, I can't connect at all. Sometimes, the client says I'm connected (blue icon instead of red) but I can't do anything (enter rooms, search files, etc) and everyone in my user list (including me) is shown to be offline. I've also noticed that using the website is agonizingly slow. I'm actually using a proxy now, because using this site is next to impossible otherwise. I think these two problems are related. I'm guessing that my geographical location (South Africa) is a large factor in this. How can I make slsk usable for me?

If you're getting faster response through a proxy, that seems to suggest your ISP is crippling connections to the Soulseek IP address somehow. Either that or there's a problem somewhere along the way between where you are and where the Soulseek servers are. Sorry I can't be of any more help.