User info, Room and user list searches

I get to check off a few big ones with tonight's build. The user info feature is something I know has been sorely missing in SoulseekQt since the very beginning. I've never been particularly happy with the way it turned out in the original Soulseek client, but I wasn't sure how I'd prefer it. The way it ended up this time around feels like an improvement. The user picture and textual description are shown contiguously on one page using an HTML control. Extra information like upload slots and upload availability are shown in small fields on top. The options for setting your own user info in the Options->User Info tab are laid out very similarly.

Room and user list searches are both done via a new search target box in the search tab. You can use it to change the search target from 'All' (meaning the entire Soulseek system) to User List or any of the rooms you are currently in to search those instead. Results for user list and room searches appear in the same way they do for global searches, with the exception of the tab icon differing based on the target type.


  • The connect/disconnect button under Options->Login is now implemented as an action bar button.
  • Active download counts in the Transfers tab header should now reflect properly after manual deletion of entries.
  • Upload form is now properly deleted from memory when closed.

I've decided not to send an auto-update notification for new builds until a few days have passed without any serious problems reported, starting with this build. As usual, links are available on the download page.

Thanks, Nir



Thanks Nir, Great job!

Thanks Yaron!

YAY!! Thank you so much for the user info!!


I noticed that the "re-run search" option is not working on latest client update. Another thing that I find to be a bit uncomfortable is the disconnect button. In order to push it, you have to make 2 or 3 clicks, and also there is no quick menu for the icon in the sistem tray. But that's just my opinion.

The rest seems to be just fine and smooth. Congratulations for your work, glad to be privileged on slsk.

Yeah, I'm going to release a fix for the re-run search issue within the next couple of days, hopefully tonight. I also moved the connect/disconnect button to the action bar, and I'm not seeing it taking any time to disconnect, maybe it'll work better for you.

Thanks, Nir

Would it be possible to get an option to remove the icon in the menu bar for the next update?

Which icon do you mean?

I've only been able to D/L one folder from one client at a time & have to wait until that completes to start another one. Is that how it is for everyone, or is something else wrong?

Are you saying that no more than downloads from one user will be processed at a time? Can you queue multiple folders?

Please adjust the search feature - I prefer the old 'SoulseekNS' layout where you could alphabetically sort by file, user, etc...

See this discussion about the topic. If it's additional sorting options you're after, filters offer pretty good alternatives.

No. I mean that I can only D/L ONE folder w/ multiple files, or songs from one user, will be processed until completion, at ONE time. If I choose a different cd from a different user ( I don't try to get multiple D/Ls from the same user)to D/L simultaneously, I'm totally disconnected from slskQT. I don't get it. I can only process ONE selection (folder), from one user, at a time, PERIOD. It's weird.

Alright, send me your TeamViewer ID/password in private and I'll take a look at it.