color blind

the new soulseek isn't friendly to color blind people.
I can't tell who's online and who isn't.
I can see that on my user list it goes alphabetically and when it starts over it's the offline users, but when I'm trying to download from someone who isn't on my user list I can't tell if he's online.
it also isn't too comfortable to divide it by that alphabet method. users that are online should be differentiated more than those offline than just - end of the abc.
and I'm not too color blind, just take too much time to distinguish shades and stuff.

thank you!

Would making the names in the user list gray for users who are offline solve this problem? I'm assuming you mean you can't see the difference between the red and green dots. Also, when you say you're downloading from users not on your list, do you mean from search results? If so online status isn't indicated for search result users in any way.

Thanks, Nir

I think a gray color would help, or maybe even seperate them somehow.
I can't see the red and the green because they're too bright and shiny (at least for me).
About the users who aren't on my list - I'm picking their files through search results and go offline myself, when I go online again I can't tell if they're online too.
In the NS version it said awaiting user I think, now it says queued and it's the same color as those queued online.

Try this one: SoulseekQt-8-9-2012.exe. It replaces the red and green dots with the usual Soulseek icons for online and offline. If you're on a platform other than Windows let me know and I'll set you up with the right build.

Thanks, Nir

Thank you!!!

I have another problem that is more urgent.
When this program "crashes" it won't close itself it just takes more and more of CPU and that memory thing.
I happen to use my pc while soulseek was running and pc was running slower than ever, so I checked the task manager and saw soulseek was rapidly taking more memory which got to 650k (compared to 100k in general and less than 50k in soulseek NS). I tried to close it manually and only then found out it kind of crashed and won't open so I closed it through task manager.
That happened about 5 times.
It means that my pc will crash the next time it'll happen and I'm not there so I don't keep soulseek open anymore.

How many files are you sharing?

I'm not sure, it's between 10,000-20,000.
The thing about my sharings is that the files are on a portable hard drive (WD that has 1.5t), which never had problems with previous soulseek and I shared there 25,000 files.

and btw, how can I see how many files do I share (or others)?

Do you normally keep a lot of search result/share browse windows open? Those can take a lot of memory. To see how many files you're sharing you can enter a chatroom and look up your username in the room user list, it should be listed there.

That's exactly it (I checked it again when you brought it up).
In the previous version I used to browse all the users at the same time (like 15-20) and it would crash for a moment (seconds), but then reappear fine with the file lists.
Now it can happen with 2-3 user's file lists, but it wouldn't reappear just crash and take all that memory..

I still can't see if someone downloading from me and shares 3 files cause I'll need to browse his files which is not a short procedure like adding him to my list for a sec.

As for the search results, is there a specific time period which it'll search? cause if it's like the previous version that would've search for an unlimit amount of time than I'm looking for that "stop search" button (: .

thanks again!

I don't know if you're still looking in my messages, but I wanted to add that if I want to cancel an amount of downloads from the same user, like I'm downloading a folder but there's 12 files that I don't want from there (and 25 I do want..) I need to delete\cancel them one by one.

Oh yes, that one bothers me too. I'll get it fixed by the next version.

Obviously it applies also when I'm trying to retry 10 files that failed (or trying to delete some of the files)..
Another thing I just got is that if I'm searching for a song and want to download the whole album which the song's in, I have to browse the user's files and find that folder. Otherwise, if I'll just click on download folder on that found file it'll download that file into a folder and all, but without the rest of the folder.
Thank you Nir!