Someone keeps coming into the room I am in and bothering everyone. What can we do?

Everyone can use the “ignore” feature, which blocks anything the offending user has to say. Sometimes people will change their username if they know they are being ignored. Most people that exhibit this kind of behavior do it for attention, so it is important that everyone in the room to not respond when harassed. The less you “feed the troll”, the more likely they will be to move on. You can also create a private room and invite anyone you want to it...this is excellent protection from annoying users. If you have worn out all of your options, feel free to contact us on Soulseek, and we will try to mediate...however, often there is not much we can do to remove the user, except for an IP ban. Make sure and keep good logs of everything that is said, because we do take accusations seriously. However, we know that many complaints can be hearsay, and we may give the other party an opportunity to tell their side of the story.