Browsers get slow.

I'm having a hard time using SoulseekQT and browsing internet at the same time. I had it set down to 3 upload slots only limited to 5KB/s and it did no good. Images won't load, pages will load incredibly slow or won't load at all, etc. What could be the cause of it? I never experienced anything like with the past clients.

I use Mozilla Firefox 14.0.1 and Internet Explorer 8.

Which version of Windows are you on? Are you using any Internet firewall software?

I have the same problem. Running Win XP prof., no firewall, no antivir, Firefox 15.0.1.

The problem is not permanent, sometimes everything runs well and then the internet-browser is incredibly slow. After a while, or if I close soulseekQT, everything is working fine again.

me too no firewalls, no antivirus, firefox 14, both ports configed correctly. even when not up/downloading, my browser is crippled.

I suggest you download TCPView. Once you're getting these slowdowns, run TCPView and sort by process. Find SoulseekQt in the process list and see how many connections it's maintaining. Let me know what you find. There's always the possibility your router or ISP or even your OS is limit the number of TCP connections your PC can handle. See this thread for information about the latter.

I can confirm the above problem in all browsers on two pc's. One is a Intel Celeron 3GhZ, 3Gb RAM, sharing 6K+ tracks, the other is Acer Aspire D270 netbook with Atom 1.6GhZ, 2Gb RAM, sharing 10k+ tracks. First one has WinXP x86 installed, the other one runs Win7 64bit.

I have Windows XP, no firewall and a router. I'll check TCPView.

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hello. same problem here, and still no solution... all browsers affected, win xp, no firewall, no antivirus, and router with properly open ports. upload\download speed doesn't change a thing.
any of You ever tried to change (MTU) packet size? perhaps it has something to do with it?

went to set limit to 999 and it works fine now (for now). i think thats the solution.

please report!

Running Win XP pro, no firewall, no antivirus I tried your solution about two weeks ago and set the limit only to 100 and I can confirm no problems anymore. Thanks a lot!

Thanks psy! I'll link to your comment from the FAQ.

Same here!! It seems that we all here had the same problem! Half-open limit fix is IT! Thank you so much, I can't believe it's been MORE THAN A YEAR, lol!

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Slow web pages could be the result of dns server timeouts. Your router is probably getting the dns servers from your Internet provider. (Logging on to the router should tell you the routers dns server IP address).

The PC's could be getting their dns server IP address either from your Server or the 2700HGV router. Disconnecting your server from the network and connecting a PC to the router should test this premise.

Take your server out of equation and see if Internet access and webpages speeds up. later test your speed here

For me the solution doesn't work. :(
Im using Windows 8 with the windows firewall only and Avast Anti-Virus Software.
Soulseek (old and new client) got all internet access, so I can take out Firewall or Antivirus software problems.

The Half-Open tool doesn't work because before the program opens, a notication appears with a text like "A File change is not nessesary because windows doesn't have any limits", by clicking on enter, the whole tool just shut down.

The problem still exist to me :(
Anyone got any idea how to fix this?

One thing not mentioned yet - you must set a maximum UPLOAD speed as well as a maximum download speed. If your upload is completely maxed out, you are likely to have serious slowdown issues, as your computer must return some data in order to receive data from a website.

Please see if capping BOTH your download AND upload speeds in the slsk client to about 10-20% below the line maximum as reported on a speed test website like fixes the problem.

Thanks for your advice.

In this case, both is set to Zero, so maxium.

I tested and figured out the problem while I was downloading with around 60 KB/s from one single user, that time, no one was uploading from me.
My Internet speed is and was around 32 MBits for downloading and 2 MBits for uploading.

With a TCP Optimizer I optimized the MPU varibale to 1500, no websites are slowly loading, sometimes very fast. The Soulseek downloading and uploading situation was the same.

I think im on the right way ;)

Hi, i also have this problem, browsers works terribly while on Soulseek. I'm on Win 7, laptop with WiFi, and SoulseekQt-2015-6-12. I cant run half-open...
Problem is not WiFi router, because on other laptop browser works perfectly.
Please help.

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thats because you for sure forgot to configure the limits for Upload and Download speeds in Soulseek.

yes i have read it here, i limited upload before, and now dl also... it browser still slow or not working.