UPnP, automatic updating of download place in line

New in the latest nightly build are one very important feature and one very convenient feature, assuming they should work for you as intended. As with the original Soulseek client, I'm using the very handy miniupnpc library for UPnP functionality. If your router supports UPnP, as most routers do, you should see a serious improvement in peer-to-peer connectivity, covering transfers, browsing and searching if your SoulseekQT listening wasn't manually forwarded already. The initialization is done in the main thread which means the client takes a couple of seconds longer to start. I intend to move it to a secondary thread very soon, and perhaps perform an hourly or bi-hourly remapping of listening port in case, oh, for example your router restarts itself while the client was still running. You can see how successful the UPnP port mapping attempt is in the Diagnostics->Logs->Port Forwarding tab.

As for download place in line, you should normally see each download's place almost as soon as you queue something, although sometimes it takes a little longer than that. After that, your client requests updated place in line information about every ten minutes, unless you already have any running downloads from that user.

SoulseekQT nightly build 6/18/2011