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I am using SoulseekQt build 9/15/2012. When I go to Options > File Sharing and add .bat and .loaded to the "Filename extensions excluded from folder downloads", These file types still show up in my download list. I was wondering if these file types will continue to show, but users will not be able to download them? I need them blocked. I use .bat files to automate management of files and .loaded are coming from uTorrent because most of my music was acquired through torrents.


Excluded file types work differently in SoulseekQt than in Soulseek NS, they're more of a soft limit on things you yourself download, and even then they only apply when you're downloading more than one file at a time. For example when you download an entire folder. This allows you to still manually downloads files of the excluded types if you choose to do so, and don't limit what users are downloading from you. They in turn choose their own excluded file types.

I don't understand. I recently downloaded SoulseekQT and setup my excluded extensions as in the NS version and the QT version doesn't seem to even function? The field states "Filename extensions excluded from folder downloads" Wouldn't that insinuate that those extensions would NOT be downloaded/"excluded"/blocked from being downloaded?

What does "soft limit on things you yourself download" mean? I don't understand that phrasing? Does this mean that one must manually remove the file with the unwanted extension when downloading a folder? Doesn't that completely negate the entire point of having a list that has the extensions in the first place?

The way that the excluded extensions worked in NT was simple and PERFECT! You add an extension to the list and it DID NOT download it. Now it seems to be a pointless feature as it downloads the unwanted extensions whether you download a single file or an entire folder.

Is there a fix in for this bug?

Please advise.

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Ok I understand. Thank you very much for your response. I still wish it were possible to block certain file types from being downloaded, perhaps in the future this feature will become available? :)

I'm not sure I understand. Why kind of blocking do you need that isn't satisfied by the existing feature?

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I have .bat and .loaded in my shares and didn't want users to be able to download these file types from me.

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Am I missing something? Is it already possible to block users from downloading these file types within my shares? Please reply. I check on this everyday. Thank you!

Not currently, no. But why are you worried about the types of files downloaded from you? If someone doesn't want them they can always exclude them.

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About 80% of my collection is mp3s and FLACs, and the remainder are DRM-free AAC files.

However, even DRM-free AAC files downloaded from Apple have some identifying information embedded in them. I'd prefer not to share them for this reason.

Currently, I have a complete duplicate of my music collection, with mp4 files removed, just for Soulseek sharing. But this means I have to maintain two separate collections. Often I forget to copy new mp3s over from my "real" collection to my "just for Soulseek uploads" collection.

I keep meaning to write an rsync script to do this, which would make it a lot easier, but I think you get the idea.

Whether this feature gets implemented or not, thank you for all the wonderful work over the years!

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.loaded from uTorrent coming from Private Trackers :)

Fair enough :) I'll add it to my to-do list, but as it's not exactly a high priority item I can't say when I'll be able to get it done.

Cheers, Nir