Sound notifications, couple of small fixes

Smaller release this time around, this is mainly to address a crash bug that affects certain shared folders. Those experiencing the bug will find their client crashing a short while after starting it. I figured I might as well get it out there for whomever really needs it. Additionally:

  • Wave files can now be assigned as sound notifications for the various possible client events from Options->Sound Notifications. The default sound will be used for any events that aren't assigned specific sounds. I haven't packaged any default wave files with the client, so you'll have to use your own.
  • Users are now encouraged to and assisted with sharing a folder when running the client for the first time.
  • The manual and automatic clear complete/aborted uploads will now also remove queued uploads belonging to users who have been offline for more than five minutes.

Links are on the download page.

Thanks, Nir


since this build users are not able to be notified anyhow anymore, when somebody who browses your files got the automated 'not sharing'-message, right?
too bad!

edit: oops, sorry. seems the 'shared-tab' just doesn't appear until a message in that category comes up.

Can I import my whistlist?

Not yet, no. Sorry.

Hi i am sorry it's bin such a long time since i posted my comment, but i have had a lot on here at tapper towers. Thanks for getting back to me and thanks for looking in to making slsk QT work with screenreaders. there is menny blind people who wood be happy about this. as for testing i wood love to help and i will see if i can get sum of my friends to help me to. Just doing a bit of googleing i have found a few links that mite be a help to you.
by the way i am on windows 7 32 bit and using jaws 13 and nvda as a back up.
you can follow me on Twitter @tapper82 thanks.

How about ip ignore user? This is the only option missing that I'd like to see. Once this gets implemented, I'll switch over from N+ to QT. With users such as 7 the Legend and other people who consistently swap usernames on a daily basis in the chat rooms, this feature is needed. Their intention is to troll and I got sick of ignoring ten+ usernames on a daily basis on the original windows client. Thanks. (Also this isn't to ban IP, I'm totally against that).

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Currently my SoulseekQt.exe process uses 650MB of memory (8GB RAM). It's not that big of a deal for me, but I still think it's a little abnormal. I think it has to do with something with my Uploads list from last 3-4 days being about 500 albums long (that's a lot of tracks; switching to this tab causes a small delay). Maybe you can do some performance optimization...

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Oh, sorry, nevermind that. I didn't read the changelog.
>The manual and automatic clear complete/aborted uploads[..]

For sure many people with disability would be very happy about this.