Progress bar bug

Hi, small bug with the progress bar, wanted to upload 2 images but there's no module to do so :(

Basically, if I download 2 folders "A and B" from one user, and I decide to cancel folder A, the "total" progress bar doesn't get updated with a new value for just folder B and as such still displays the now incorrect value of A + B.

To expand on that example, if both folders were the exact same size, upon completing the download it will still say 50% complete.

If you can email me an address to reply to I can send you the two screenshots, they are quite descriptive.


p.s. kudos for Qt, I really like it!

Thank you for the kind word, I'm glad to hear you're liking SoulseekQt! I'm pretty sure I know what you're talking about, I'll get this fixed soon.

Thanks, Nir