Weekend Yield

As many of you already know, I now have a full-time job that's keeping me horribly busy and leaving me barely able to see straight at the end of each day. Still, I try to do at least one thing every weekend in way of improving SoulseekQt, be it fixing a serious bug, or adding a feature or two that's been sitting in the feature requests list for a while or that I would like to see added myself. Tonight's build is the sum total of my work over the last few weekends since the previous release. I haven't had time to thoroughly test some of the fancier new features, so let me know if anything doesn't work as it should and I'll try to fix it as soon as possible. Here's what's changed:

  • A toggle in the uploads tab now allows you to set the client to finish all existing uploads and quit. No new uploads will be allowed, no search results will be returned, and after about five minute of all existing uploads no longer being queued (just in case any aborted uploads are retried), the client should exit quietly.
  • An ordered history of your previous searches is now available via a dropdown, much like in the original Soulseek client.
  • You can now choose to receive room activity alerts via a toggle. When anything is said in the room, you'll receive a run-of-the-mill alert. Plus you can set a sound for it in Options->Notification Sounds. Should be useful for low-traffic rooms.
  • Client data should now be saved in case of an abrupt shutdown, such as often happens when rebooting or shutting down the operating system.
  • Lowering the number of upload slot to less than the number of currently active uploads should no longer start all users' uploads.
  • Select Application Colors button should now work.
  • Added new icons to transfers tab action bar and context menus.

Links, as always, are available on the download page.

Thanks, Nir


Client freezez after a minute. DonĀ“t know what it is. Im on lates OSX.
Had to revert back.

That's worrisome. No really critical code has changed since the last version so I find it hard to guess what might be causing this, but I'll keep my eyes and ears open for any further evidence.

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i can confirm that using windows 5.1

I am experiencing the same problem. My computer runs on Windows 8

How long does the freeze last? How soon does it happen from the moment you start the client? Does it keep happening after that? If so, how frequently? Does it still happen if you start the client and do nothing? Is this only happening with the latest version of the client?

edit: Windows users, in addition to answering the above questions, can you please also try this build and tell me if it works any better for you:


Thanks, Nir

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in my case program will hang for several seconds a minute after start to check for newly shared files, then it works for some time and RANDOMLY hangs for good(that means it won't get to normal state no matter what i do, and how much time will last). sometimes it happens just in few minutes after start, sometimes after few hours, but sometimes not in days. it happens without any interaction as well (program minimized, only uploads active). does linked here version has reverted file scanning to 1st thread?(if so it's not for me) anything else? thanks.

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sadly, build 1-21-2013 does not solve this issue

Is this also happening with the 12/6 build?

I have to forceclose the app and reboot.
What i noticed is that if i have put something on download before the freeze, it removes them on restart.

Thanks for your continuous work Nir. Much MUCH appreciated.

Thank you purep!

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Thanks a lot!

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congratulations on Your new job; please keep those updates coming! have You ever considered opening this client, or at least look for some help from other people with it?

Thank you! I have no interest in open-sourcing SoulseekQt at this time, but it's not off the table for the future.

Some uploads don't finish eventhough they are at a 100%. Removing them results in like a 5 to 10 second freeze before slsk returns to normal. Not sure if this behavior is only in the latest build. I'm on Win7 SP1 64-bit.

just made this account to personally say thank you for such a phenomenal piece of software.

Thank you!

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let us get rid of "complete" and "downloading" folders!

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where can i find chat logs? mouse hoovering at "Log private chat" could show tooltip with location. also, what is the file that stores my shared files list? when i press dump data, nothing happens, or something does, but i don't know where? thanks.

To open the folder containing your logs, open a chat log of one of the rooms, then use the 'Open Log Folder' at the top. Your list of shared folders is stored in the client configuration file in binary format. The Dump data function creates an (also binary) snapshot of your client's data at that moment in time, and is only used for diagnostic purposes.

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The Mac OS X application icon is gone on this release.

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Thanks a lot but the icon fly away in this release :-)

Sorry about the OSX icon, I'll get it fixed in the next build.

Hi friends
is the QT version still in beta ?

It's in constant development, beta is just a label.

Hi Nir,
Sorry for my ignorance if this has already been requested or talked about but will we be able to search for files in our userlist like we could in the old version of Soulseek ?


Hi Carl, to search your user list, select User List in the Search Target box next to the Search button.

Cheers, Nir

Thanks Nir, very cool ! Cheers

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Special Thanks and Notification Sounds area tweak

I just installed Build 2013.2.12 and it works great so far. I'm a genuine music nuttah and want to thank you for a great application!
There are a couple of things that I wish to bring to your attention:
1. I also noticed a 'freeze' in the beginning. It _could_ have to do with the size of my Shared Folder (131GB)...
2. I found some unintrusive .wav notification files and put in a .../SoulseekQT subfolder. After using Select File to link a .wav to an event I moved to another notification in the setting list, pressed Select File again and noticed that the opened folder was still .../SoulseekQT and not its said subfolder. If it's not tedious work it would be great if you could make the GUI remember the last visited folder.
Other than that, all looks perfect, the 'program interface' is sleek, simple and intelligent, I'm over the moon! =)

Best regards,

Thank you Valentin! The freeze is indeed related to the size of your share. The scanning of shared folders is done in the background, but the processing of the contents of each folder is done in the main thread, so the application will pause if it has a lot of data to process. One of the trade-offs of using a more sophisticated data management system I suppose... I'll look into having the file dialog memorize the last opened folder.

Thanks, Nir

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Thank YOU, Nir! ^_^

Best regards,

I have used your service for the past eleven years and I must say thank you. Will keep donating and will pass on to my kids.

Thank you for the kind word and support nemo! It's stuff like this that motivates us to keep Soulseek alive!

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Nir you da man! Thx for all your hard work to keep SoulseekQT alive & kicking.

Thanks kingal!

Hi, thanks for the build!

If soulseek represent too much work, why don't you make it an open source project and put it on github? Thanks to this you could get people to help you fix bugs and add new functionality!

Hi Nir,
Is it possible to have have 2 folders to share.
One for everyone, and the other for family and friends?
I have files to send which are too big to E-mail!
I thought I had found a page which said "add another share Folder", or something similar, but I can't find it
again (Was it even there?)

Incidentally, This is a great resource. Thanks for building it. Someone said its been around for 11 years.
Where was I all that time?
10/10 for your efforts.
I've had no problems at all, although I can see that some who access my files seem to stop and start, whilst most leech without problem.
I have had no problems leeching.
Great program.

Hi epsonsalts,

Thank you for the kind word! Under SoulseekQt, you can share as many folders as you want each with different permissions by going to to the Options->File Sharing tab and clicking the 'Share Folder' button at the top. Folders can be shared with specific user groups, which can be assigned to users on your user list by right-clicking their username and selecting 'Set User's Groups'. Let me know if you can't find any of these settings.

Thanks, Nir