ScarletFire's build for Mac

I've tried posting a Mac version of ScarletFire's build before, but problems with the new Qt 5.1 deployment utility made the resulting package useless on all machines but mine. I've finally had time to look into it today, and thanks to some new information from around the web now that Qt 5.1 users with more time on their hands a much better understanding of Mac operating systems have run into the problem as well, I now have a package that appears to work on a secondary Snow Leopard virtual machine with no version of Qt installed:

Let me know how it works for you, and I'll do my best to fix any issues that come up.

Thanks, Nir


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don't have access to mac computer to test it, but whats with ? this version brings anything new for windows?

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Working just fine. Would be nice to be able to see the "whole" name of the rooms in the tabs, when you got more than 10 rooms open at a time, though, i.e. with "mouse-over".

(on a new MacAir with 10.8.4)

Working great. Wasn't able to listen on port 80--probably need soulseek running as root for that, but I went back to the port I was using previously and the client seems to run well.

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well Nir, I think some ppl here are just using this lack of knoledge u have at certain parts of macs, and so they write a program for you, "scarletfire build" nad then u see its all ruined, all pcs have problems now, why?, u trusted scarletfire easily or you knew him?

Still not remembering the settings after restart on Mac OS 10.8.4
Always have to reconfigure everything from the beginning.

i very rarely complain but this version, even though i was logged in kept coming up as not logged in i.e ared closed bird thing, gone backto 5.18

Can you please try changing the server port under Options->Login and see if it makes a difference? Someone else reported that port 80 didn't work for them on their Mac Machine.

Thanks, Nir

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Dangerous, anything labeled scarletfire is. specially if you trust them more XD

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you guys should stick to OLD mac client of slsk, until he comes up with a SECURE version, seriosly Nir <_<

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What's insecure about Scarletfire's build?

Also working well for me on 10.8.4. Cheers!

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Works fine on Mac Mini 10.8.4.
Thanks for your work!

Thanks guys, I have a newer build, I'll post it to the download page.

how do I add to my wishlist?

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