stuck at 99%


i wanted to see if im the only one experiencing this problem:
When i'm dowloading music the download always stops at 99.6% or 99.9%... sometimes i just go to the "downloading" folder and get the incomplete file and the mp3 works fine(30% of the times aprox).

the rest of times, the file has a 'hiccup sound' at the beggining and is so annoying i can't always edit it.
sometimes the download resumes and finishes, but the hiccup is still there :/

has this happenss to anyone ??

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what Soulseek version are you using ?

Yeah, has it started recently?

it's been for months and with previous versions of ssqt.
i'm using the latest 2013.11.6 and still the same issue :/ any suggestions?

What OS are you on? You might try changing your file sharing options, in Options/File Sharing. There are 2 checkboxes, "Don't create subfolders for single downloads", and "Don't put downloads in Downloading and Complete folders". I am on a mac, and I have both unchecked... I wonder if changing those settings might help?

I have a similar problem but with uploads (when a user selects something from my share). However, it works in the end, but still the behavior is VERY odd compared to the old builds.

Uploads occasionally seem stalled at 100% and not go away, and then in a SECOND attempt, it tries to download again the very same, and only then it realizes all files have been uploaded properly and finally gives a 'complete' status. But why not first time? It is totally irritating...

However, with some users it works fine, with some others it doesn't (probably related to the fact if they're using old or new client).

I also notice that i frequently see 'aborted' with uploads whereas 100% of them worked fine with the old client. Something must have gotten seriously broken in end of last year's client version(s)...