Allow sorting search results by any column

It'd be great if we could sort all columns by ascending and desending. File size, name, users, speed etc... :)
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yes please!

Which areas of the client do you most need sorting in?

The old Soulseek client has sorting functions for all columns.. i use the size-sorting it a lot.. its nice for finding long live and mixsets by artists/dj's.

Why not implement it in QT ?

The main problem is with the way search results are organized in the client right now, ie users->folders->files. This is a definite advantage of the display of search results in the original client, being able to sort by any of the columns. The options as I see them are:

  • Go back to the way results were displayed in the original client. I'm definitely not ready to go that route as I like the non-redundancy of displayed information afforded by the new setup. Barring a corner-case or two, this is the ideal display structure for search results.
  • Switch between the current display and the old-style display depending on the sorting requested by the user. This is possible, but quite tricky and a lot of work. It would also, in my opinion, overcomplicate the user interface. Even if I do decide to do this eventually, the ratio of work/functionality payoff dictates that I won't be getting to it anytime soon.
  • A sort of hybrid sorting option: sort by user with largest file(s). This will maintain the users->folders->files structure, but show you the users in order of their largest file. I realize this is kind of confusing though.
  • A filter option for file size. For example you'd be able to enter min-size:100MB into the filter box and it'll only show you files of that size or larger. This would be the most elegant solution at this point, but isn't quite as versatile as size-sorting.

These are pretty much ordered from least to most preferable to me, with the filter option being my favorite right now.

the filter is actually the best option.

Plus one for sorting by column.
If filtering is chosen for implementation instead, there also should be an option for bitrate, not only for file size.

There are several options for filtering bitrate, check out the filter help button.

We need to be able to sort search results by column. file size, K/s etc. That's really important.

Sorting by column is not off the table, and I can see this is something a lot of people want, but I have to wonder, what is it that you do with column sorting that can't be done currently via filters?

If I may explain why custom column sorting is so desperately useful - I will give the example that many users are looking specifically for DJ sets. For example - I want to find all the 2-3 hour DJ sets of Tiesto or Deep Dish. So I will search for "Deep Dish" - and I want to find the rare and hard to find DJ Sets (which will be 1-3 hours, and not 5 minute songs). So I usually sort by size to find the file sizes that are 100-300MB which are almost always DJ Sets (unless it is a track encoded in FLAC). Without the column sort feature - I would be lost looking among all the singular songs. I understand you have already invested time in the Sort by User feature - but in my opinion this is not very useful and going back to the old way of displaying results is best. Old way of displaying results is the most flexible and allows most flexibility to the users for their desired way of finding files. I don't think the wheel should be reinvented here. Thanks again.