socket error

Never got this before.
Can't find a way to fix it.

Socket error won't let me connect.


Just got this today, been using soulseek with different account for about 10 years now and have never experienced this issue. What does this mean?

yes, same issue here! socket error, tried to change settings in the options tab as suggestef but nothing changed.. How do I fix this?

What's most frustrating is that "changing your setting in the options tab" is the so ambiguous, and I can't find any sort of clear cut solution online. I'll try making a new Soulseek account and let you know if that works.

*sorry double post

was using the program fine and then it froze, when I tried reopening I got this same socket error message. realized I had an old version and updated to the latest but I'm still getting the problem.. anybody know whats up?

Hey guys, oddly enough, I was having this same problem today. I checked my firewall and antivirus, but that didn't seem to be the problem. I tried re-installing, but that didn't work either. Weird. Maybe our ISP is blocking slsk now?

I commented above as damacdaddy and will say that I can now access soulseek via a new account.

Soulseek was working fine until about an hour ago when I noticed i was no longer connected to the server. When I restarted the program, it gave the the socket error message.

The server was down several times in the last hour or so. That may have been a factor.

Update: see

my problem with socket error was cable modem and router issue.

i put an Arris cable modem on Nat bridge mode and soulseek stopped working.
somehow, this specific Arris model is messed up, it won't even let you reach admin pages when you are on bridge mode.

I reset it, changed from bridge to nat, and slsk worked again.

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if you are in NAT mode, you just need to enable UPNP function in the router, thats all.

Yes, that works. My problem was bridge mode on Arris cable modem.

Just literally got this , makes no sense tbh , how do you go about changing unpn settings I use a phone as my modem

I just had the same problem and solved simply by turning off the VPN